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Argus Probity provides you with the key probity products that your project will require
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Argus Probity + Procurement

Specialists in Complex, High Risk and High Visibility Projects

Probity Advisory | Corporate Governance to Contract with Government | Employee Probity Training

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ARGUS PROBITY provides a full spectrum of probity services including Probity Guidance and Oversight and Procurement, Corporate Governance & Training

  1. Probity Auditing and Advice
    • To facilitate the successsful outcome of any major project or services procurement for both the public and private sectors
    • Argus Probity's probity advisory role involves guidance on the procurement method, then drafting of Tender Documents, Evaluation and Probity Plans, observing and reviewing the probity framework of a project, and providing guidance on issues as they arise
    • Also, by advising private corporations on governance and protocols, to effectively engage with Government on project delivery
    • We provide independent compliance auditing and objective scrutiny of the process, reporting upon project stages, specific issues raised, or upon the conclusion of the project
    • This is a proactive role designed to protect the project's integrity
  2. Corporate Governance & Training to Contract with Government
    • Meeting corporate objectives to successfully tender to Government by ensuring proper governance, risk management, and procurement policy compliance
    • Drafting codes of conduct and probity protocols for senior executives and board members, with training for personnel


In Greek mythology, Argus was a giant with a hundred eyes. He saw in every direction at once, and even when he slept, his eyes would remain open. It is this spirit of constant vigilance which Argus brings to its work

Who we are

At Argus Probity, we provide specialist probity auditing and governance advice to Government Departments, Government Owned Corporations, Private/Public Project Alliances, Local Government Councils and Project Developers and Building Contractors. Our role is to provide independent probity services to validate procurement or evaluation processes on projects where probity governance is called for: eg high-value, sensitive or controversial, or especially complex and difficult projects.

What is Probity?

The dictionary definition of probity refers to uprightness, honesty, incorruptibility, proper and ethical conduct and propriety in dealings. Within Government the word “probity” is often used in a general sense to mean “transparent and fair process”.

Probity auditing and advice is an essential element of modern procurement and tendering practices where public money is involved. It ensures transparency, integrity and public accountability, and dispels opportunities for people involved to hide conflicts of interest.

What we do

Argus Probity’s probity advisory role involves establishing the governance protocols, drafting, observing and reviewing the probity framework of a project, and providing guidance on issues as they arise. This is a proactive role designed to protect the project’s integrity.

Our auditing role expands on this, providing independent and objective scrutiny of the process, and also reporting on stages of a project, specific issues on instruction or the concluded project.

In the News

In September 2017 Lindsey Alford presented to the MinterEllison (Gold Coast) In-house Counsel CPD Seminar on the topic Contracting with Government: Innovative procurement methodology and projects ...

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Argus Probity is a panel member of the Queensland and NSW Government's Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of Professional Services, Probity Advisors and Probity Auditors for Procurement QGP0050-18 for the Whole of QLD Government and SCM005 for NSW.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation.

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